Review: Givenchy Rouge Interdit Satin Lipstick in 05 Nude In The Dark

Hello lovelies, as you know, I’m a complete lipstick addict (I know I’m not the only) and I couldn’t resist picking up one of the newly revamped Givenchy Rouge Interdit Satin Lipsticks!  I mean, how could I not with this gorgeous chic packaging!  It is so beautiful.



These iconic lipsticks just came out on February 3rd, in Japan just in time for Spring 2017.  I believe there are 24 shades in the range but only 20 shades were released in Japan, with one limited edition color.  I’ll insert a screenshot of the colors down below.


01- Secret Nude (natural beige)

02- Serial Nude (warm pink nude)

03- Urban Nude (pinkish brown nude)

04- Street Rose (pink beige)

05- Nude In The Dark (neutral brown nude)

06- Rose Nocturne (warm brown pink)

07- Purple Fiction (deep purplish berry)

09- Rose Alibi (reddish berry)

10- Boyish Rose (brownish red)

12- Rouge Insomnia (deep fuchsia red)

13- Rouge Interdit (true red)

14- Redlight (orangey red)

15- Orange Adrenaline (coral)

17- Flash Coral (light peach)

18- Addicted To Rose (mauve pink)

19- Rosy Night (icy pink)

20- Wild Rose (vivid pink)

21- Rose Neon (luminous bright pink)

22- Infarose (neon pink)

23- Fuchsia In The Know (fuchsia)

As you can see, we don’t have 08 Framboise Obscur, 11 Orange Underground and 24 Ultravioline in Japan.  All the colors are absolutely stunning!




I have it in 05 Nude In The Dark, which is such a beautiful beige nude with pink undertonesI’m in love with this color.  This color leans a little on the brown side, which means it doesn’t wash me out.  Like a lot of us, I really need to be careful, when choosing nudes.  Nude In The Dark, is a color you can wear beautifully by itself or with a lip liner underneath.  I don’t have too much shape to my lips, so I always need to line them first.  I usually wear this lipstick with either MAC Stripdown lip liner or if I want it a little more pink, I use MAC Soar lip liner.




As I mentioned earlier, the packaging is so sleek and chic.  It comes in a black, square tube with silver and a black ribbon, with the ribbon loop on the bottom to pull the lipstick out, which I think is such a beautiful touch.  Rouge Interdit Lipsticks are elegant, glamorous, super beautiful and definitely a statement item to have in your bag or vanity table!  Every Glam girl needs to own one!




Rouge Interdit Lipsticks are infused with black rose oil, which make it heavenly to apply.  They glide on so smooth and feel very moisturizing on the lips.  The lips are instantly softened, nourished & hydrated with powerful antioxidants.   The formula is lightweight and it gives off a beautiful color.  They say it’s long wearing, which is some what true but on me, the hydration and color fade a little after a few hours.  The lipstick stains your lips beautifully and fades evenly, so I don’t mind but I do feel my lips start to feel a little less hydrated and I need to reapply or use a lip balm.  I like my lips to always feel moist!  Rouge Interdit Lipsticks have a sweet, slightly floral scent, which I’m personally not fond of since I’m not a fan of lipsticks that have a strong scent.


Top to bottom swatch, Nude In The Dark on it’s own with no lipliner, with MAC Stripdown lipliner underneath, with MAC Soar lipliner underneath.




This is a luxurious lipstick, that has gorgeous colors and 05 Nude In The Dark is very comfortable to wear, if you don’t mind reapplying throughout the day.

Around 4,000 yen for 3.4g

Thank you for reading.



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