Review: RMK Lip Jelly Gloss in 02 Romantic Pink, EX-02 Sparkle Pink, EX-03 Vivid Pink

It’s finally Spring and I’m loving every minute of it!  I’ve been wearing brighter colors on my lips & I’ve swapped my matte lips for a glossier one!  The gloss that I’ve been wearing all month is the RMK LIP JELLY GLOSS.  This lip gloss ranked 1st place on for best lipgloss in 2016.  The popular colors are always sold out, so when I saw it back in stock, I just had to pick up a few colors.  These often sell out the day they restock them and people have had to wait over a month before they can get there hands on them again.





There are 11 beautiful colors to choose from, so you can enjoy various expressions, depending on your mood & style of the day!  All the colors are gorgeous, I had to resist the urge to get them all!!  Down below is a screenshot of all the colors.


01 Sparkle Red

02 Romantic Pink

03 Baby Blue

04 Orange Pearl

05 Shiny Pink

06 Candy Pink

07 Coral Pink

08 Lavender

EX 01 Sparkling Ruby

EX 02 Sparkle Pink

EX03 Vivid Pink




I got it in 02 Romantic Pink, EX 02 Sparkle Pink and EX 03 Vivid Pink.  All three are very popular colors.  Romantic Pink is a coral pink with almost a holographic blue shimmer to it, Sparkle Pink is a super light pink, almost clear with a gold shimmer and Vivid Pink is purple pink with that same holographic type shimmer, this one has blue and pink glitter.  The glitter is finely milled and subtle.  It looks a lot more shimmery in the tube then on your lips.  When you wear it, you can hardly see it.  It’s just gives you a shiny glossy sexy lip.  I really wanted Sparkle Pink because you can use this one on top of any lipstick, since it’s almost clear.  It looks so nice on top of nudes lips as well!  The other two colors, give off a slight color and you can build it up to bring out more color but the gloss will get thicker with more layers.




The LIP JELLY GLOSS has a dense gel like texture that gives your lips a fresh color with a sense of sheerness to create a gorgeous three dimensional plump lip.  Full of juicy moisture to give your lips a faint color and bring out the sexiness to your lips!




It comes in a clear & silver square tube with a unique newly adopted spoon like spatula.  I would say it’s like a plastic dofer applicator without the sponge and curved ever so slightly like a spoon.  This gets just the right amount of gloss and the gel film fits perfectly into your lip.  Just twist the top, as you would with any other gloss to get the product out.


These lip glosses are super comfortable to wear.  Like I mentioned above, they are a gel like jelly type texture but it doesn’t have any stickiness to it, just very creamy and feels light on the lips.  Though it’s a light formula, it gives off plenty of shine and glossiness!  Just a little bit of this gloss in the middle of your lips, it will instantly plump them up and finish off any look.  As with any gloss, it will transfer on your cup after you drink and it will start to wear off after you eat.  The moisture from the lip gloss will still remain but the glossiness will start to fade.  It will feel and look like you’re wearing a lip balm, which I don’t mind at all.

Swatches down below, L-R EX-02 Sparkle Pink, EX-03 Vivid Pink, 02 Romantic Pink.



RMK LIP JELLY GLOSS will be a staple in my makeup bag throughout the Spring & Summer.  I will be wearing these nonstop!  Love them!!

You can find RMK in department stores around Japan.

Around 2,200 yen each for 5.5g

Thank you so much for reading!


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