Review: Chacott For Professionals Enriching Powder in 771 Natural

It’s finally getting warmer here and I can’t wait for Spring to arrive!  I think Spring & Fall are the best seasons in Japan.  I love going to Ohanami (watching cherry blossoms and eating obento, a Japanese style lunch box) usually under a cherry blossom tree, it’s a wonderful way to spend the day.  Is it starting to feel like Spring where you live?!


I’ve been trying out another loose powder from CHACOTT FOR PROFESSIONALS, since I really like their finishing powder, full review here if you haven’t read it already.  It’s been over a month since I started using it, so I’m ready to give my thoughts on it now.



CHACOTT FOR PROFESSIONALS is a Japanese brand that originally started selling ballet products but expanded their range of products to yoga, ballroom dance and stage makeup.  Even though they specialize in stage makeup, their products are very high qualiy, affordable and it is a well known brand of makeup now.  The finishing powder was particularly ranked very high on @cosme.  The #1 cosmetics ranking site in Japan.  I really like their Enriching Concealer as well and already hit pan on that one.



The Enriching Powder comes in three different shades, 771 Natural (bright finish), 773 Clear (translucent, no color) and 774 Orcher (covers reddish skin).  Since I have the Finishing Powder in Clear, I decided to get this one in 771 Natural.


Chacott For Professionals has makeup that’s specifically for stage makeup but the line they have in beauty stores is for everyone.  This is what they say about the powder, it has a lot of amino acids that keep the skin moisturized (95% amino acid treated powder, retains moisture better), keeps dry, sensitive skin, moist & nourished, takes away dullness, has a natural color that’s a little brighter than your skin and a finishing coat for long lasting makeup.  This powder is recommended for those who use a pink based foundation, have dull skin and those worried about poor complexion.  It is also HD (High Definition television HDTV) meaning it’s good at covering full cover & translucent natural makeup.  It will perfect your skin for close up situations in professional photos and films.


It comes in the classic loose powder packaging, where you twist the lid off to get the product out.  This one comes with a gold lid but it’s not a luxurious looking gold.  I find the holes where the powder comes out, to be a little bit big and too much product comes out.  This goes for the Finishing Powder as well and it can get a bit messy, if you’re not careful.


As I had hoped, this powder is comfortable to wear, finely milled and looks quite natural.  I’ll either apply it with a damp sponge or use a setting brush and pat it on with a light hand.  To set my under eye area, I usually set it with a sponge and I find it lasts all day and doesn’t crease.  Compared to other powders I’ve tried, I really do notice how moisturizing this formula is.  When I touch my face, even hours after I’ve applied it, it still feels almost dewy and not drying at all.  I don’t pack on a whole lot of powder though, since I like that dewy fresh look.  I’ll just apply on my T-zone, under my eyes and just a tiny amount on the cheeks.  I couldn’t really see a difference in taking away the dullness or brightening up the face though.  The innisfree makeup base in purple that I love and use everyday, really brightens up my face.  Full review here, if you haven’t already read it.  That is one amazing base for brightening the face.  I wear a a bb cream or light to medium coverage foundation 0n most days and this powder just finishes off the look perfectly.  It sets everything, without it looking cakey or powdery.  I think it would work well with a full coverage foundation as well, since it has a natural, almost translucent finish.


I love CHACOTT FOR PROFESSIONALS products and this one did not disappoint!

Around 1,800 yen for 30g

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