I hope all you glam girls and boys enjoyed your summer!!  I definitely enjoyed going back home and spending time with family and friends.  Beach barbeque’s, sea festivals, delicious food and just spending time in nature!  How did you spend your summer?!

For most of the summer, I’ve had 2 powders in my makeup bag that have been my go to’s.  On day’s where I’m not doing too much and don’t want to spend too much time doing my makeup, I’ve been using Msh Labo’s Time Secret Mineral UV Powder since it’s a pressed powder and quick to use.  I’ve done a review on that powder, which you can read here.   The day’s where I have places to go and people to meet I’ve been using CHACOTT FOR PROFESSIONALS FINISHING POWDER (MATTE ) in clear.


CHACOTT FOR PROFESSIONALS is a Japanese company that started in 1950 originally selling Ballet products but over the years have expanded in other categories such as Gymnastics, Yoga, Ballroom Dancing just to name a few and Stage Makeup!  Though it originally started as Stage Makeup, their products are great quality, very affordable and now well known to everyone, especially us Makeup lovers!  Their cosmetic line is available to everyone and you can find it in many different stores around Japan.  This powder in particular has been ranked very high on @cosme, a beauty products ranking site in Japan.


The finishing powder comes in 5 different shades ranging from light to dark and a clear/translucent one.  I went for the 763 Clear powder since I love my Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder and generally just prefer translucent powders.

It is a loose setting powder that comes in a clear plastic case with a black top.  I love the simplicity and I think it makes it looks very professional!


Chacott For Professionals advertise this powder as being waterproof (which is one of the reasons it’s great for summer), lasting coverage all day, fragrance free and uses natural colorant!  The powder is finely milled and very light on the skin.  It doesn’t look cakey and doesn’t crease where there are fine lines!  The powder lasts all day on me, even though it’s super hot and humid in Japan.  I’m definitely impressed with this powder and will repurchase once it runs out, if it ever does!  If you’re looking for a new powder, this ones worth trying out!

It is around 1,200 yen for 30g.


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