Review: Ricenal Oil & Lotion

I am a firm believer in “Beauty starts from the inside out” which is why I’m very careful with what I put inside my body and outside.  The body absorbs about 60% of what we put on our skin, so… Continue Reading

Review: Fasio Powerful Curl Mascara (Long), Kingdom Two Step Mascara

One thing I can never leave the house without putting on is my mascara!  Even if it’s just to go throw out the garbage out or get the mail.  Seriously, not joking!  Unless I’m wearing sunglasses.  I do have to… Continue Reading

Review: Soymilk Yogurt Pack

Let’s talk about Soy today, for the skin!!  Soy isoflavone is used in a lot of moisturisers, night creams, packs, toners and just about every skin care item in Japan.  The isoflavone from soy is supposed to help brighten the… Continue Reading

Review: Esprique Light Control Stick & Shade Control Stick

  Now that the weather is warmer, I’ve really been loving the super fresh and glowy look and to achieve that, I’ve been reaching for my Esprique Light control & shade control stick a lot, since it comes in a… Continue Reading