Review: Kiss Me FERME Long & Volume Mascara WP in Black

Mascara is one item I cannot go without and I just realized, I haven’t talked about my favourite one on the blog!  It’s the Kiss Me FERME Waterproof Long & Volume Mascara in black.  This mascara quickly became a holy grail of mine and let me tell you why!



As you all know by now, I just love Kiss Me FERME products but for some reason, I never really got around to trying their mascara.  Kiss Me FERME is a drugstore brand in Japan, that produces very high quality products at an affordable price.  They only have 2 types of mascara’s, one is their Volume Up Mascara and the other is the Long & Volume Mascara WP.  Since I have stick straight asian lashes that don’t hold unless it’s waterproof, my only choice was the 2nd one.  It only comes in one color, black.



Kiss Me FERME’s Long & Volume Mascara comes in a black round tube, with gold writing on it and it doesn’t look like a drugstore mascara at all.  I like how the gold writing doesn’t fade over time, like some products do, which can make a product look cheap.  The special curl up brush is what keeps the lashes curled, separated and long throughout the day!  I’ll insert a screenshot from their website down below.






This is what they claim the mascara will do:  produce long & voluminous fine lashes without any tightness, has fiber’s to lengthen and add thickness, is strong against sweat, sebum and water.  It’s made with a composition of beauty essence to create elasticity to the eyelashes.  These essence include hyaluronic acid, collagen, royal jelly extract and chamomile extract, all are very moisturizing ingredients.


I fell in love with this product from the first application!  It instantly lifted up my lashes and lengthened them like no other mascara has.  I’ve used mascara’s that have lengthened the lashes but this one lifted the curl/lashes and lengthened them so naturally.  Sometimes when you buy a mascara with a lot of fibers in them, it doesn’t always cling to your lashes naturally and it can look a little strange.  It also applied very smoothly without any clumping and separated the lashes beautifully.  I can’t say it added more volume like it claims though, I really didn’t see too much.  The longevity is amazing, it kept my curls up the whole day & it stays put until you take it off.  With the proper eye makeup remover, you won’t have to rub to take it off, even though it’s waterproof.  Another thing I love about this product is how moist it stays in the tube.  My eyes also didn’t feel dry at all and I had no irritation.  I’ve bought 3 back ups of this mascara and I usually never do that!  What a winner.  This is definitely my hg mascara!

Around 1,000 yen for 7g

Thank you so much for reading, have a lovely day!


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