Review: THREE Shimmering Lip Jam in 09 Ravishing Tango and 14 Wear The Sunset

Hello glam girls & boys!  I hope you’re having a great week so far!  Does it feel like Fall where you live?!  It’s still Summer weather here, very hot & humid but I’ve got Fall vibes going on in my head lol!  I just love Fall makeup & clothes.  Can’t wait!

Speaking of makeup, I’ve been wearing the much raved about Lip Gloss from THREE lately.  THREE is a Japanese Brand that creates all their products derived from natural and certified organic sources.  Their concept is Natural, Honest and Creative.  THREE products range from skincare, haircare, makeup and beauty tools.  They use the best ingredient’s possible to make amazing gorgeous makeup!  



Their Shimmering Lip Jam Lip Gloss got 1st place on Best of the year cosme under the Lips section on VOCE, a Japanese Magazine that focuses on beauty products (similar to Allure) and featured in a lot of other Beauty & Fashion magazines and raved about all over the internet!  The Lip Gloss comes in 20 different shades and the 2 colour’s I picked up are 09 Ravishing Tango and 14 Wear The SunsetRavishing Tango is a nude which I think leans towards peachy (well at least on me), even though the sales lady said it has pink undertones and Wear The Sunset is a beautiful coral!  Both color’s are super pretty.  You can wear it on it’s own for a subtle hint of color or add it on top of your lipstick for a glossy finish.  I absolutely have no color on my lips, so I alway’s pair it with a lipstick.  I envy all you people out there with naturally beautiful pink lips.  Although this lip gloss is called Shimmering Lip Jam, the shimmer is super super subtle.  When I swatch it on the back of my hand, I have to put my eyes very close to see the hints of shimmer!  This is a very natural looking lip gloss.  Perfect for Daytime!



The packaging is simple and clean and goes very well with their concept.  It come’s in a clear square plastic tube with a grey twist top and a dofer applicator.  I like how it’s very square, look’s chic!


Shimmering Lip Jams are so so comfortable on the lips!  With the argan oil, jojoba oil, tea seed oil, evening primrose oil, shea butter & beeswax it keeps your lips so hydrated and moisturized.  They are very light and it feels like you’re just wearing a lip balm.  There’s no smell or taste and it does not feel sticky on the lips whatsoever!  The glossiness will fade after you eat or drink but the balm like texture will still be there.  You won’t be left with just shimmer on you lips, since it’s very fine and hardly noticeable .  Overall, I would say this gloss is very subtle and natural, I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a new gloss!  If you’re looking for a BAM in your face noticeable gloss, then this one might not be for you.



You can find THREE in most Japanese Department store’s and some Global Stores in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Taiwan.

It’s around 3,000 yen for 7g


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