Review: Sana Naturamere BB Cream & BB Powder

How are all you beautiful people doing this week?  It’s been a very rainy week for me…even though it’s still so hot here!  I’m definately ready for Fall, please come so I can wear start wearing Fall fashion!  I’ve already been wearing my favorite Fall lipsticks though because I just love my mauves and pinkish browns(can’t get enough)!  Speaking of makeup, I want to talk about a couple of new products I’ve been using the last few months.


As some of you might already know, I’m always on the hunt for natural bb creams & foundations, since I like my skincare & base makeup to be natural and free of chemicals.  This one from Sana caught my attention immediately and I picked it up as soon as I saw it.  Sana is a line by the Japanese Brand Noevir Group.  Certain lines from Sana focus on creating natural makeup and skincare.  I’ve tried their skincare previously but this was the first time trying any makeup from them.


The line is called Naturamere and I picked up their Organic BB Powder, which is a powder foundation and their Organic BB Cream.  Both of these products are non chemical, contain 2 different kinds of aqua mineral and 3 different types of organic oil.  Including jojoba, argan and olive oil, which will help keep your skin moisturized!  It comes in 2 shades, 01 light beige (which is the one I use) and 02 natural beige.




Let’s talk about the BB Cream first.  On the package, it says it is a 5 in 1 and you can use it as a base, foundation, concealer, skincare and to cut UV (it has SPF 30 PA+++).  It comes in this pink & white tube with a little heart on it, how cute is that!  When you first squeeze it out of the tube, it comes out creamy & feels a little thick but after blending out, it’s quite light on the skin.  I would say it gives a sheer to light coverage, depending on how much you put on.  It definitely won’t cover any hyper pigmentation, pimples or spots on the face, even though that’s what it advertises.  It blends out quite nicely and I find it does brighten up my skin a notch!  It lasts pretty well and it doesn’t dry out during the day because of all the oils in it.  Sometimes I find that some BB Creams are heavy and sticky on the face but this one felt like I was just wearing a cream.  I would say that this BB Cream is just a little more than a tinted moisturizer.  If your skin is pretty clear and you just want a little something to make your skin look healthier and bright, then I think this one would work for you.  Overall I’m quite happy with this product!



The BB Powder is also a 5 in 1 and on the package it says you can use it as a foundation, concealer, face powder, skincare and to cut UV (this one has SPF 25 PA+++).  On the back of the package it also claims that it will cover spots, wrinkles and hyper pigmentation but I’m not too sure about that.  I tried using it alone, without the BB Cream because it says it can be used as a powder foundation but I found it too light and it did not cover anything Then, I tried applying more and it just looked too powdery.  Over under eye concealer or BB Cream, I think this is just too powdery & cakey looking for me.  I didn’t find it moisturising either, which is unfortunate considering it has all those oils in it.  I did bring it with me on the airplane this summer, because I didn’t want to bring too many products and since it’s a 5 in 1 I thought it’d be convenient.  I always take off my makeup on the airplane and put a little bit of makeup right before landing, so I look super refreshed from a long flight!  All in all, I don’t think I’ll be repurchasing this one but I guess I’ll use it on flights and occasions where I need little makeup.  It didn’t work for me, so I can’t really recommend this one.



The BB Cream is around 1,200 yen for 30g and the BB Powder is around 1,300 yen.


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