Review: Kiss Me Ferme Proof Bright Rouge

Hi Lovlies!  Is everyone enjoying their week so far?!  It’s been another very rainy week here and there was a typhoon the other day too.  My area was not affected that much, just a ton of heavy rain and lot’s & lot’s of wind!  Anyway’s it’s finally starting to feel like Fall now,  I’m still in shorts and a t-shirt but it’s definitely starting to cool down.  Enough about the weather though, let’s talk about Lipstick today!  It must be my favourite makeup product and probably the 1st makeup I ever purchased.  I’m definitely a Lipstick Addict!  Are you?!



Today I want to introduce you to a drugstore lipstick, that I’m loving!  If you’re looking for a great drugstore lipstick in Japan, Kiss Me Ferme makes some of the best ones, in my opinion!  Kiss Me Ferme is a line by a Japanese Brand called Isehan, a brand that’s been around since 1825.  I am especially loving their Long Lasting Color Lipsticks that contain Hyaluronic acid, Collagen and Royal Jelly Extracts.  I purchased 2 of them sometime back in June and I have been loving them both.  I have another one of their older lipsticks from another line, that I wore a lot but the quality of their lipsticks just keep getting better!  These ones are just fabulous!


There are 15 colors to choose from, so I’m sure they’ll be something for everyone!  I’ll insert a screenshot of the colors down below, taken from their website.


I have the color 07 Beige and 02 Pink07 Beige is a nude with orange undertones, though on me it’s  more of a cool tone nude with a slight pink undertone.  It’s not a matte lipstick but it’s not super creamy/glossy either.  07 Pink is a very pretty cool tone pink with a slightly blue undertone to it.  It’s a light pink with a very subtle shimmer to it, perfect for daytime and wearable for work or school.  For night, it looks gorgeous paired with a brown smokey eye, of course 07 Beige too!  I love both colors.


For a drugstore lipstick, the packaging is just gorgeous and very luxurious looking.  It comes in a gold case and I think anything packaged in gold makes it so much more glamorous!  Don’t you?!

Here’s a swatch.  On the top picture is 02 Pink on the left & 07 Beige on the right, with 1 coat.  The bottom picture is with 2 coats.  07 looks quite brown in the picture but on your lips, it’s not that brown.



What I’m really loving about these lipsticks are the quality though!  They are so comfortable on the lips and with the hyaluronic acid, collagen and royal jelly extracts it keeps my lips very moist.  On the package it says you only need one swipe to give you a gorgeous color, shine, brighten up your lips and give you long lasting color.  All colors are made to brighten up your face.  I would say they do a pretty good job of staying on the lips for more than a few hours and when it does start to fade or come off a little after eating, it doesn’t leave any patches and fades away nicely.  Sometimes, I’ll just use a lip balm on top, after the color fades a little and that looks lovely too.  There is no smell or taste to these lipsticks!

Kiss Me Ferme lipsticks are so good and I’d definitely recommend them!  I need to go pick up some Fall shades from this line.  You can find them in most drugstores across Japan.

They are around 900 yen for 3.6g


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