Review: Isehan Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Coloring Eyebrow

My Mum used to tell me, back in the day when I was a child everyone used to compliment me on my eyebrows.  Fast forward another couple of decades and I’m left with very little eyebrows (cry cry!)  I’m sure a lot of us went through that phase when we all wanted thinner eyebrows because that was the trendy thing back then.  Oh, how I wish I listened to my Mother more when she told me not to pluck so much, or they won’t grow back!  Luckily now, there are so many beauty products to shape, define and give you eyebrows that you don’t have.  Heavy Rotation’s Coloring Eyebrow is definitely one of my must haves in my beauty routine.  I never skip this step.


Heavy Rotation is a line by the Japanese Brand Kiss Me which is under the main brand Isehan.  Isehan has a ton of different lines, including SUSIE N.Y, Heroin make, kiss, SUN KILLER, and Kiss Me Ferme just to name a few.  There is a review of the Kiss Me Ferme lipsticks on my previous post , which you can read here if you haven’t already.  They are fabulous lipsticks.  Isehan products are all very high quality, their Heroine make mascara which I’m sure a lot of you have tried or heard of, has been ranked #1 on VOCE and many other ranking sites.  This Coloring Eyebrow from Heavy Rotation has been ranked #1 on @cosme 3 years in a row, as well!  They have amazing products.


Their Coloring Eyebrow comes in 7 different shades 01. Yellow Brown, 02. Orange Brown, 03. Ash Brown, 04. Natural Brown, 05. Light Brown, 06. Pink Brown, 07. Ash Beige (Their newest shade) I’ll insert a screenshot of the colors taken from their website down below.  They say to pick the color that matches your hair color.


It comes in a clear plastic tube with a black top and gold writing on it.  The gold writing does start to fade a little after many uses.  The Coloring Eyebrow looks just like a mascara but a little shorter in size and has a wand for the application.  The brush is a little bit on the bigger size, considering it is for your eyebrows.  For someone that has as little hair as me, a little brush would definitely be easier to work with.  The packaging is nothing fancy.


I use the color 04. Natural Brown which works best on me.  They say with “one swipe you will get full color on your eyebrows” and the product is very strong against oil, sweat and water.  It does not claim to be waterproof though and they say you can easily take it off with warm water.  As you know, in Japan it’s very hot and humid in the summer but my eyebrows don’t budge or lose color when I use this.  That says a lot about the longevity!


Since I hardly have any eyebrows to begin with, I like to use this product a little differently.  My eyebrow routine consists of 3 different productsFirst, I comb through my eyebrows and apply one coat of this.  I let it dry and comb through it again, this step gives texture to my non existent eyebrows.  Then I will fill in any gaps with my Majolica Majorca Eyebrow Pencil and top it off with Integrates Eyebrow Powder to set it in place.  This combo works really well for me and it will last all day.  On super lazy days, I will just use the Coloring Eyebrow and that looks natural but on me it’s not enough to go out though because I have such thin and sparse eyebrows.  Someone with fuller eyebrows, would be able to get away with just using this, if your not looking for definition.  This product is like a mascara and it will just coat the hairs, it will not shape your eyebrows.  A lot of people like to do their normal eyebrow routine and use this as a last step to keep everything in place.  It is like a mascara so it will dry and look clumpy if you’re not careful with your application.

This product will last so so long, I finally ran out of my tube after almost 2 years and went to repurchase it.  This is a winner in my book and I’d recommend it for sure!  You can find it in most drugstores across Japan, Beauty stores and Amazon.

It’s around 800yen for 8g


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