Review: innisfree Mineral Make Up Base SPF 30 PA++ in Purple

Is everyone ready for Christmas this week?!  Have you been naughty or nice?!  Santa I’ve been good this year!!!  What is on your wish list, this year?  I’ll admit Christmas is not the same here in Japan, it’s a usually a day where couples go on romantic dates to a nice restaurant and have a special Christmas dinner.  Sometimes, I really do miss the Christmas season back home!  With all the Christmas lights in street, snow and ice skating!  Does it feel like Christmas, where you live?


Now on to some beauty talk!  I’ve been wanting to try a purple based makeup base for some time now but I never really got around to it.  I came across this innisfree Mineral Makeup Base SPF 30 PA++  (Not a new product) last month and since I am a fan of this brand I decided to give it a try.  For those of you who have never heard of Innisfree, it is a Korean makeup & skincare brand.  It’s not a completely natural brand but I believe they do try and stay away from any harsh chemicals.

Before I get into the product, let’s talk a little bit about color correcting and what each color does.

  • GREEN    (Cancels & calms out redness)
  • YELLOW  (Cancels & calms out redness)
  • PURPLE  (Cancels out yellow, dark circles & brightens dullness on all skin tones)
  • PINK        (Cancels out brown & dark circles and brightens dullness on light skin    tones)
  • ORANGE (Cancels out blue & dark circles & helps with dark spots on dark skin tones)
  • PEACH    (Cancels out blue & dark circles & helps with dark spots on light to medium skin tones)

I don’t have a whole lot of redness and I wanted a base to brighten up my skin, so I went for the purple.  This mineral base is a 4-in-1 product.  It’s a multi base to enhance the skin tone, a primer, it balances oil & moisture and protects against UV (SPF 30 PA++).  It’s a skin breathing mineral makeup naturally derived from Jeju Island.  The mineral base has a naturally derived essential scent with a light aroma fragrance, which I personally can’t really smell.  On the package, it say “This mineral makeup base presents you with a clear and radiant skin tone, as well as smooth skin texture)  It comes in 3 different shades.  Peach, Green and Purple.  I’ll insert a screenshot, taken from their website ( )



The Mineral Makeup Base comes in a plastic tube, which you squeeze, to get the product out.  The color of the package depends on which base color you choose, since I chose the purple base, mine came in a purple tube.





You only need a little bit of product, or you’ll risk your face looking to white and ghostly (which no one wants) I hope lol!  I apply this after my regular skincare routine, mostly on my T-zone and cheek area where I want to brighten up and cover my pores.  I use my fingers to blend out the product and use the what’s left on my hand, so the outer area’s are slightly covered too.  The consistency is a little thick, compared to other base or primer’s that I have used but I had no problem blending it out.  I didn’t find it oily and it kept my T-zone oil free!


This is one of those products, you can see a difference, the moment you put it on!  It instantly brightened up my skin, taking away any dullness, without it looking too white or cakey.  Amazing!  It didn’t irritate my skin at all and I also didn’t get any dry patches anywhere, even though it’s winter.  My skin is always moisturized and I don’t have any dry skin anywhere on my face at the moment, so this product works wonders on me.  If you have really dry skin, you might have to be very careful with the application, so it doesn’t look cakey, as this product did nothing for keeping the skin moisturized.  Just make sure, to have your skin fully moisturized before applying this product.  This product is a winner for me!  I bought mine through Amazon Japan.  But you can also buy it from their website.




Thank you for reading and have a beautiful Christmas!!!



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