Review: excel GLOW LUMINIZER UV GL01

A season of glitz and glam!  Dressing up for a Christmas party is super fun and choosing the right makeup to go with it is just as exciting!  This season, it’s all about the glow!!!

I have been using this newly released GLOW LUMINIZER UV from the Japanese brand excel.


excel TOKYO RICH CASUAL is under the Japanese brand NOEVIR, which is a brand I love.  They have some amazing products and a lot of other great lines under the NOEVIR GROUP, such as NOV, SANA (famous for their isoflavones soy line), MAIKOHAN, Cellnew, CELLPHARMA and a few supplement lines.  The excel line started in 1987, their makeup is trendy & beautiful.  They focus on performance, design and quality.  excel’s Skinny Rich Eyeshadow quad and Powder & Pencil Eyebrow EX have been ranked #1 on @cosme.  The eyebrow pencil, 3 yeas in a row 2014, 2015 and 2016!  It used to be my go to eyebrow pencil!


Now back to the GLOW LUMINIZER UV.  It comes in 2 shades GL 01 Pink Glow and GL 02 Beige Glow.  I decided to go for GL01 this time, since it’s winter and I absolutely have no tan, plus I’m not using a whole lot of bronzer at the moment.  excel advertise that the pink shade will take away any dullness, brighten your complexion by one tone and give you a beautiful sheen.  The beige shade is more for covering pores and fixing any color unevenness while giving you a natural glow.


It comes in either a pink 01 or beige 02 shiny tube.  Not glitter shiny, more like a subtle shine/sheen.  Just twist off the cap and squeeze the product out.


The GLOW LUMINIZER has a mix of pink, gold, white and blues pearls to even out the color of your skin and give you a natural glow.  This product contains 3 types of natural oils, argan oil, rosehip oil and shea butter to keep your skin luminous looking.  It also has SPF 28 PA+++, perfect all year long.

There are three way’s to use this product:

  • As a base/primer add to the area’s you want your face to glow
  • As a highlight, add over your foundation to the points where you want to highlight
  • Add a little to your foundation to give your whole face a natural glow

I’ve tried all three methods and at the moment my preferred way of applying this is, adding a little bit to my foundation.  I love this method because you can control how much product to add and it just gives such a natural glow to your face.  The luminizer consists of tiny pearls that are so fine and when you mix it in with your foundation, it’s so subtle but you’ll still have that glowiness to you!  When you use this as a base, it will cover your pores, even out the skin tone, brighten up the skin and add a slight glow to your face.  The pearls will be slightly less noticeable than when mixed with your foundation.  As a highlighter, it applies the same way a cream highlighter would.  It’s perfect for a daytime glow, since it’s not very pigmented.


I don’t notice my T-zone getting oily when I use this but it is winter, so I’ll have to test that out more during the summer.  This lumizer didn’t irritate my skin or dry it out at all but it also didn’t add any moisture!  Overall it is comfortable to wear and I’ll probably go back to purchase the Beige Glow, when summer comes!  You can find this at stores like The Loft, Sony Plaza or other beauty stores around Japan.

img_1859  img_1860


Around 1,700 yen for 35g


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