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I’ve been trying another popular liquid eyeliner recently, it’s by the Japanese brand Leanani which some of you may be familiar with or have heard of.  Their original waterproof liquid eyeliner has been raved about in Japan and apparently the gorgeous Miranda Kerr loves it as well!  This one is supposed to be one rank up, from the original.    It’s Leanani’s PREMIUM WATERPROOF LIQUID EYELINER.  It came out in August 2016 and it’s been ranked #1 on Rakuten, which is the biggest online shopping mall in Japan and been featured in magazines.


The eyeliner comes in two colors, black and black brown.  The packaging, compared to the original is more sleek and chic.  It’s very thin, with very fine glitter to make it shiny & glossy looking.

The 6 points they advertise about this eyeliner:

  • you only need one swipe to get full color
  • it has tea & flower extracts, which is delicate on the skin
  • strong resistance to sebum & water(waterproof)
  • the brush is easy to use
  • the 0.1 mm tip makes it easy to draw a precise line
  • no need to double cleanse



This eyeliner is black but not as black as I’d hoped for.  It’s also not matte either, I would say it’s a semi matte finish, as it’s not glossy either.


I found this eyeliner easy to use, it is a pen type eyeliner which I prefer and with the 0.1 mm tip I didn’t have any trouble drawing a winged line, also because the eyeliner itself, is quite thin, it was easy to hold while drawing the line.  The tip on the original one, started to feather out, not to long after I purchased it, so I’m hoping this one won’t do that.  As advertised, with the tea and flower extracts, it is delicate on the skin and it didn’t irritate my eyes at all.


The longevity was quite good, this eyeliner lasted a good 8 hours before I started to notice any difference.  After 8 hours, the left eye was perfectly the same but the wing on the right eye was starting to fade a little, mostly on the tip.  It dries quite fast and after that it is waterproof set.  Even though it’s waterproof, I didn’t have to rub hard to get it off!


Overall, I like this eyeliner but I don’t love it.  I still prefer my msh lab loveliner!  Full review on the Loveliner here, if you haven’t read it already.

Leanani PREMIUM Liquid Eyeliner

Around 1,4000 yen


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