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Everyone loves a good liquid eyeliner right?!  I know I do and today I have a product that has been getting a lot of rave in Japan!  It is the Love Liner Liquid in Rich Black by msh lab.  It has been ranked No 1 on @Cosme and Rakuten Ichiba a Japanese online shopping mall.




I’m always up for trying a new liquid liner since I haven’t found one that I consider a favourite, until I tried this one.  I know a lot of people like the Dolly wink liquid eyeliner and the 1 Day Tattoo liquid liner  but I’ve tried both of them & think this one is way better!




It comes in a Rose gold/Pink gold  color with Love Liner written on it and a heart in between the letters.  The eyeliner looks very pretty and because of the Rose gold it feels more luxurious when I’m using it.





The eyeliner itself is wonderful and very easy to use.  I’ve always preferred the felt tip brush pens because I find it easier to use when I’m doing a winged look, that’s just my personal preference!  The tip on this is so fine and thin 0.1 mm for all you winged eyeliner lovers that want to get that precise line.  It’s also very moisturising and doesn’t start cracking like some other eyeliner’s can when you wear it for a long time.  It has hyaluronic acid, placenta extracts and collagen which is supposed to treat your eyelashes while wearing the eyeliner, Bonus right! I know!





Love liner is super fast drying and waterproof, once it sets there is no budging!  Another reason I love this eyeliner is that it really is super black, this is the blackest eyeliner I’ve tried.  It goes great when doing a smokey eye because the eyeliner stays super black on top of your eyeshadows.  I highly recommend this product if your into super rich black eyeliner’s.  It is around 1,800 yen.



Here’s a picture of me wearing it.



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