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For the last year or so, the trend on Foundation has been to keep it light and natural looking as possible.  I personally have always kept my base routine pretty simple and natural.  Most day’s I’ll just put on some BB Cream and some concealer.  For the day’s I do want a little more coverage, I’ll put a little bit of foundation on and the one I’ve been using is the DHC Q10 Liquid Foundation.  DHC is a Japanese brand that sells cosmetic, skincare, health foods and supplement’s.  Although they are not completely natural, they try to use as much natural ingredients as possible and stay away from harsh chemicals.


The DHC Q10 foundation comes in this beautiful rose gold/gold package, with a pump to push the foundation out.  I personally like pump foundations because I find them clean to use and very hygienic.  As with any pump, you need to be careful not to push to hard or too much product will come out and it will be a waste if you don’t need to use it all.  I think the packaging is pretty and classy.  The pink makes it feminine looking as well.  It’s 2,100yen for 38g.  Like I mentioned before, I don’t wear foundation everyday, so this foundation has lasted me over a year.  I probably should get rid of it though, since it’s probably expired.  I always forget to check expiry dates before I throw out the package.  Bad habit!

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It is a liquid foundation so it’s perfect for Autumn and Winter when your skin can start to feel dry.  I would say the coverage is light to medium but definitely buildable.  It also has SPF 25 P++ which is a bonus as well.  What I really liked about this foundation is how moisturising it feels on my skin, DHC claims that the moisture will last for 10 hours on your skin.  It feels like I just applied cream or something, I don’t feel the foundation at all.  It contains Coenzyme Q10 (antioxidants, great for the skin) and it uses something called 3D pearl which is supposed to be great for lifting up the skin, covering small wrinkles and covering up pores.  The foundation also has a Lift up film super EX which also helps cover up pores and wrinkles.  I usually just push one pump and evenly  buff it into my skin for a natural looking finish and set it with my Laura Mercier Translucent setting powder.  This combo makes the foundation last a long time.  The only thing that I didn’t like was this foundation can get a little oily in the T zone if your oily in that area like myself, I guess it’s because it’s so moisturising.  I just have to make sure to blot my T zone with oil absorbing sheets throughout the day and it’s fine.  If your looking for a super moisture rich foundation, you might wanna give this one a try.



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