Benefits Of Squalane

Winter is fast approaching, which means the weather is getting a lot drier and a lot us are putting extra focus on keeping the skin hydrated and moist, since none of us want dry patchy skin!  One product I never skip in my skincare routine is applying pure 100 % squalane oil on my face before applying any other product.


For those who have never heard of squalane or squalene, they are pretty much the same thing, except squalane is a more of a stable version of squalene, less expensive and has a longer shelf life. This is why a lot of brands use it in their cosmetics and skincare.  Squalane comes from sharks liver and plants & vegetable oils, most commonly olive oil and the body also naturally produces squalane.   It has emollient properties that coat the skin and helps to keep the moisture in.  Once you put it on your skin, it will sink into the skin in a matter of seconds and completely absorb within minutes!  It is a lightweight, odorless liquid that will create a barrier for your skin, without it looking greasy or sticky.


Once it is absorbed into the skin, the magic will start happening.  Our body’s natural squalane levels, starts to decrease when we’re in our 20’s, so applying this magical oil will help keep your skin soft, smooth out the surface and make your skin look and feel healthier!  It does an amazing job of sealing in the moisture.  Once we put our skincare on, it will absorb it and keep it locked in.


Squalane has antibacterial properties, is an antioxidant, can treat symptoms of eczema and balance out complexion.  Using squalane over time can help reduce wrinkles, lessen the appearance of scars, help with hyper pigmentation, lighten freckles, prevent & reduce age spots & UV damage.  


There are also studies that say squalane has preventative effects against carcinogenesis.  Sharks have amazing resistance to cancer!  The barrier that squalane makes on your skin, helps keep out unwanted toxins from skincare or makeup products that we put on our face.


There are two ways to use squalane, the first way (the way I use it) is to put squalane oil on freshly cleansed face while the skin is still damp and that will help absorb in all the other skincare products you put on after that.  The second way is to put in on after you tone your face.  Either way, it will seal in the moisture and keep your skin soft & smooth.  Using squalane on my face everyday & night for the last few months has done wonders!  During the summer months, when the air conditioning is blasting everywhere, it really helped keep my skin moist all day.  I didn’t find my skin dry at all and my skin felt so smooth.  Now with the air getting drier, it’s still keeping my skin soft & moist!  A wonderful product I can not go without anymore.


This is my third bottle of squalane, which is from a brand called Cosmetics Roland, a different brand than previous one I had been using and I found this one a little lighter in texture.  The other one felt more like a thicker liquid but as long as it’s a 100% pure natural squalane that you’re using, you should start seeing benefits over time!

This one was around 2,900 yen for 55ml


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