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I know most of us have probably suffered from dark circles and puffiness under the eyes at some point, some more than others and as I’m one of the unlucky ones that have permanent under eye bags I find myself constantly looking for products to lessen the appearance of them.  I’ve tried a few under eye color correctors but they’ve been either too sheer, too heavy or too dry and I end up skipping it and just wearing concealer, until I found this amazing product by the Japanese Brand EX:beaute.  I’ve been curious about this brand but I had never tried anything from them before.  At the store, it advertised that TV Reporters love using this and that caught my attention!  I also remember a beauty clerk at another store telling me that people who like Koh Gen Do, usually like this brand too, as they are similar and I’m a huge fan of Koh Gen Do so I just had to try this product out.


EX:beaute is famous for their high function foundation, originally made for HDTV recording and with it’s ability to cover all kinds of flaws, it’s trademark saying is that you can have “Skin of an actress”.  Their CC Cream has been ranked #1 on VOCE this year! They focus on creating products to perfect the skin and are known for high quality and luxury products!  The company has been around since 1999.



The EX:beaute Eye Control Cover is a yellow corrector/concealer to brighten the under eye area.  It comes in a black & white square case with a twist off type lid.  It’s very light & super compact!  The look is very clean and simple.


This is one of those products where I fell in love the moment I put it on!  It had just the perfect amount of moisture and coverage without it being cakey.  I was amazed at how instantly it brightened up my under eye area, it really did an amazing job.  I would say the coverage is medium, it’s not going to make your eye bags disappear or remove all the darkness but it will definitely brighten up it up.  You could build it up but you will risk it looking cakey.  I only use this under the eyes and use my other concealers to cover any hyper pigmentation and blemishes.  Like I mentioned before, because it’s very moisturizing, it hides my fine lines and it didn’t crease at all.  I would say the longevity is medium.  You may need to touch up during the day.  I’m usually lazy when it comes to touching up foundation & concealer but if like your makeup spot on all day, then you may want to, as I find it does tend to fade a little during the day.  Because it’s really yellow, it may not work for all skin tones.  As I’m someone that’s very pale, it works perfectly for me but it could look too white on some skin tones.


What I really love about this product is that the first ingredient on the list is squalane, which I’m a big fan of!  Squalane/squalene (Shark oil) is an antioxidant, promotes cell growth, prevents age spots & UV damage and is antibacterial.  There are also studies that say squalane/squalene has preventative effects against carcinogenesis.  Sharks have amazing resistance to cancer!  I use squalane oil on my face every morning and night but I’ll talk more about that in an up coming post!  It also has jojoba oil,hyaluronic acids and Vitamin C to treat your skin while providing coverage.  What more could you ask for!



This product has been a staple in my makeup routine, ever since I bought it!  You can find this brand in Sony Plaza, The Loft and other beauty stores around Japan.

It’s around 3,200 yen


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