Review: New CANMAKE Cream Highlighters

I hope everyones had a good week so far!  It has gotten really cold here, this past week.  I feel like we pretty much skipped Fall and jumped into Winter, since the Fall weather lasted so short.  Not complaining though, it just means we’re that much closer to Christmas and the streets will be sparkling and glowing with light!

Today I want to talk about another type of glow though!  We all love a nice healthy glow to our skin and even though we are nearing winter I know I still love putting my highlighters on!  Since it’s not summer anymore, I’m keeping my daytime highlights quite natural though.  These new Cream Highlighters from the Japanese brand CANMAKE Tokyo are perfect for achieving that natural glow.


Canmake celebrated their 30th anniversary in 2015!  They are a very popular brand in Japan & other parts of Asia, with their affordable pricing, on trend makeup and super cute & girly packaging!  The brands concept is Girly, pop & shiny!  They say this brand is for “people who want to look cute all the time but not the same as everyone else, people who want a unique sparkle that makes you stand out from the crowd…”


These cream highlighters from their winter season promotion are packed with micropearls for a dewy shimmer look and come in 2 different shades, 01 Luminous Beige and 02 Luminous Aqua.  They describe 01 as a beige that blends in well with the skin, for a natural looking luster and 01 as a sky blue that’s both translucent and lustrous.  Down below is a screenshot from their website (



My thoughts…

Let’s talk about the packaging, it comes in a super light clear compact square case with a bow on the front, making it look like a present.  So adorable!  It really is tiny, which makes it perfect to carry around in your makeup bag or bag.


01 Luminous Beige, is a beautiful natural champagne color that blends in with the skin nicely to give you a natural sheen.  02 Luminous Aqua, in my is not so natural looking.  I find it too white, especially when the sun directly hits your skin.  If you’re not careful with the application, it can look like you have a streak of white on the high points of your cheek, which in my opinion is NOT a flattering look!  The micropearls are very fine, giving you a natural subtle shimmer instead of glitter to the face, making it perfect for daytime.  02 Luminous Aqua seems to look a little more shimmery on the face, I’m not too sure if it’s because of the color or if the micropearls are slightly bigger.

img_0343  img_0344

Down below is a swatch of these highlighters.  o1 Luminous Beige on the left & 02 Luminous Aqua on the right.


These highlighters are a mix of cream & powder, containing oils & spherical powder to give you a silky smooth and non sticky finish!  Both highlighters are creamy upon application, though I found 02 Luminous Aqua to be a little more creamy.  The micropearls are so fine that it doesn’t irritate my eyes or skin at all.  It’s quite comfortable to wear.  It lasts quite a long time as well, many many hours and if it does start to wear off, you can always retouch it during the day since it’s so easy to carry around.  Overall, 01 Luminous Beige is a winner in my book but unfortunately I don’t think I’ll be getting much use of 02.  Maybe on my cupids bow…  You can find CANMAKE in most Drugstores and Beauty Stores around Japan.


Each highlighter is around 600 yen


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