Review: New Visee AVANT Single Eye Color 016 Sepia, 020 Bitter Cacao & #2 Eyeshadow Brush

For those of us who love Visée, a line from the Japanese brand Kose, I’m sure you must’ve been super excited about their new lineVisée AVANT, I know I sure am!  This new line consists of single eyeshadows, oil lip tints, nail polishes and a few makeup brushes.  The lines concept is MODE GLAM, for people who like to be bold and daring with their makeup!  There’s a lot of vibrant colors in this line.



Today I have a review of a couple of Single Eye Color eyeshadows I picked up from this line and an Eyeshadow Brush in #2.  I also picked up a nail polish but I usually wear gel nails, so I haven’t gotten around to trying it out yet.  There are 20 gorgeous colors in their Single Eye Color range, so you have a variety to choose from.  As I’m a sucker for neutrals, I went for 016 Sepia and 020 Bitter Cacao!  Both fabulous colors.  I’ll insert a screenshot from their website down below, so you can have a look at all the beautiful colors.  They say 016 Sepia is a nostalgic warm brown but I find it a bit more cool toned and 020 Bitter Cacao is a matte brown with delicate pearl gold particles, the gold hardly shows up on the lids, it’s very subtle.  I’m in love with 016 Sepia, it’s such a beautiful color!  All the eyeshadows have real gold in it.  Colors 001-005 are base colors, 006, 007 are glitter colors, 008-011 nuance colors and 012-020 nudy & dark colors.  They say one swipe and you will get the full color for striking eyes!


The eyeshadows come in a square black plastic case that says Visée AVANT on it.  Simple & sleek!

img_0124  img_0123

It’s hard to describe the texture of these eyeshadows, they’re powder but not powdery at all.  I would say it’s like a really moisturizing powder eyeshadow.  When I first swatched 016 Sepia it almost felt like a cream eyeshadow.  To me, it feels like a mix between a cream & powder eyeshadow.  I can’t say for all the colors but the ones I swatched felt like that.  020 Bitter Cacao is not as moisturizing, as it’s a matte color.

img_0121  img_0122

Visée AVANT Single Eye Color eyeshadows contain Hyaluronic acid, mineral oil and gold.  This is what makes the eyeshadows so creamy & moist.  They last pretty long but I find the longevity depends more on how you apply the shadow.  I like to apply these eyeshadows with my fingers but I find the longevity is better when you apply a couple of coats with an eyeshadow brush.  016 Sepia is really long lasting but I noticed 020 Bitter Cacao starts to crease a little at the end of the day and you have to really be careful when applying or it can look a little patchy in some areas.  Especially when I use my fingers.  They are buttery and blendable.

Down below is a swatch of the eyeshadows.  L to R, 016 Sepia 1 layer, 016 2 layers, 020 Bitter Cacao 1 layer, 020 2 layers.


I love Visée eyeshadows to begin with, so I was pretty sure I would love these and yes I am very fond of these eyeshadows.  I think they’re great!  They are small, light and easy to carry around, which makes it perfect for your makeup bag and travelling.



The #2 Eyeshadow brush is very nice as well, I have more than a few brushes from Visée and all of them are very soft without any shedding.  The quality of their brushes are very good, especially for the price and I love them.  I use the #2 brush for the outer lids and in the crease.  It may be a little small for the crease but I have asian eyes, so it works perfectly for me!  It’s also great for any where you want detail.  The #2 brush is made from horse hair.  There are 3 eyeshadow brushes in total.


The eyeshadows are around 864 yen for 1 g and the #2 eyeshadow brush is around 972 yen


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