Review: New Isehan KISS Essence Rouge Lipstick

It’s almost the end of October and that means Halloween is almost here!  What is everyone dressing up as?  I’ll be hosting a Halloween Party for my daughter and some friends on Saturday and I’m going to be a Zombie bride!  I really want to do the whole makeup thing but some of the children will be too young and I don’t want to scare them away, so it’ll probably be nothing to heavy or scary!

Talking about makeup, today I have a review of the new Essence Rouge Lipsticks from KISSKISS is a brand under the Japanese Brand Isehan.  SUSIE N.Y, Kiss Me Ferme, Heroine & Heavy Rotation are some of the brands under Isehan.  I just love Isehan products, they make high quality products at an affordable price!  Most of their products are sold at Japanese Drugstores but some of the brands are sold in beauty stores and stores like the LOFT.



Essence Rouge Lipsticks are cream lipsticks that come in these super cute burgundy quilted tubes.  They almost look a little vintage, with the color and all.  When you take off the cap, it has Essence Rouge & a heart written in handwriting, which I think gives it a nice touch!  It also clicks together nicely, so you don’t have to worry about it opening up in your purse or makeup bag.  I just hate when that happens, don’t you?!



It comes in 8 different shades.  I’ll insert a screenshot from their website, below.


Since I’m sure a lot of you know by now, how much I love my Mauves and Nudes, I went for 02 Mauve Rose and 03 Smokey Rose.  02 Mauve Rose was almost sold out and I was lucky enough to pick up the last one!  I would say Mauve Rose it a bit on the browner side and Smokey Rose is a nude with pink/rose undertones.  I would’ve preferred the Mauve Rose to have a bit more purple in it but nonetheless I am loving both colors for Fall!  They go perfect with sweater weather!



They name speaks for itself but these lipsticks are so so creamy and moisurizing.  Essence Rouge Lipsticks contain 5 different natural oils including Argan, Olive, Avocado, Rosehip and Squalene to keep your lips hydrated all day.  It also contains collagen and hyaluronic acid, which will seal in the moisture, plump your lips, fill in any fine lines and smooth out the color!  There is no smell and it has SPF21 PA++, which is always an added bonus because we all need to keep those lips protected!  It’s very comfortable on the lips, like I’m wearing a lip balm and it doesn’t feel heavy.


img_9967  img_9968

As they are a cream lipstick, I find the color does start to come off after I eat or drink but it doesn’t fade completely, it leaves a faint color which I don’t mind but people who do will need to touch up a few times during the day.  My lips don’t get dry at all when I’m wearing this lipstick.  I’ll need to go back & pick up a few more shades because in Japan a lot of the products change so often that you never know what products are there to stay.  I recommend this lipstick to anyone who loves a creamy super hydrating lipstick!


Left 02 Mauve Rose, Right 03 Smokey Rose

img_9993  img_9992

They are around 1,500 yen for 3.7g



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