Review: ADDICTION The Eyeshadow in 83 Singita, 60 Trust Me, 92 Mariage and Oil Cleansing

Happy new year beautifuls!  I hope you all had a wonderful NYE and are having an amazing start to 2017.  With a new year, comes new goals & resolutions.  I really hope to get more exercise, meditate daily and try too cut out more sugar from my diet.  I do eat quite healthy but I definitely have a sweet tooth and I love to indulge in dark chocoate, cookies and all that yummy goodness!  Now, I just have to stick to it, which is the hard part!  This is totally random but I recently read “THE POWER OF HABIT” By Charles Duhigg and I hope that will help me stick to my NY resolutions more!  What are some of your resolutions?!


Now let’s talk about ADDICTION!  Not that kind of addiction but the Japanese makeup brand ADDICTION by AYAKO, though I do know why they call it Addiction, once you try they’re products, you’ll definitely be addicted.  The brand was created by the make-up artist AYAKO.  It was created for women who want to find their own original style, with never before original colors & textures for creating a style based on each person’s individuality!  Luxurious and high quality, with a packaging that’s simple yet so chic!  I’ll insert a screenshot of AYAKA’s profile down below, taken from their website (, which also has a lot of additional information about the products, news, video’s and much more.  Definitely worth checking out!


Today, I’ll be reviewing their ever so popular The Eyeshadow’s.  These eyeshadows have been raved about numerously all over websites, magazines and on social media.  They have been ranked #1 on @cosme for best eyeshadow.


The color selection is amazing, with 99 colors to choose from, there’s bound to be a color to suit everyone’s needs.  ADDICTION’s The Eyeshadow have 4 different finishes to choose from.

  • Silky (S)  A light color with delicate pearl particles that apply smoothly
  • Matte (M)  Very pigmented matte, the color in the pan is what 
  • Pearl (P)   Delicate & rich pearls with lot’s of variations to choose from
  • Metallic (ME)  Pearls & glitter with lot’s of shine to give a beautiful metallic finish

The eyeshadows are also categorized into color shades.



As I’m a lover of nudes, I have 83 Singita (P) pearl finish, 60 Trust Me (M) matte finish and 92 Mariage (P) pearl finish.  83 Singita is described as a soft cinnamon rose, under ROSE / BURGUNDY.  60 Trust Me is a smokey brown matte, under MATTE BROWN.  92 Mariage is a champagne beige, under ACCENT.




All three shades are so beautiful.  On my skin tone, Singita is more of a cool tone brown with hints of rose, than a cinnamon rose and the pearls are vey finely milled.  It’s such gorgeous brown shimmer.  Trust me is also a cool tone brown, as you all know by now, how much I love my cool tones.  Even though Mariage is described as a champagne beige, the lady at the ADDICTION counter said it doesn’t have any color to it but just adds a beautiful shimmer on top of your eyeshadow.  Mariage is definitely not your average shimmer though, it has a gorgeous wet dewy finish that I’m in love with!  This would be perfect for event’s and night outs.  I think it’s a bit too much for me to wear as an everyday eyeshadow, as it’s really shimmery but I know there are some of us, who can rock glitter anytime of day.




Singita and Trust Me look very similar in the pan, they are totally different colors when swatched.  As you can see down below.


L to R (83 Singita, 60 Trust Me, 92 Mariage)


L to R (83 Singita, 60 Trust Me, 92 Mariage) in direct sunglight.

The packaging is very simple but chic!  It comes in a simple clear case with ADDICTION written on the front.  Super light & compact as well, which is why they say it’s perfect for travelling & on the go.  You can also get a separate case (like the one shown in the picture below) to make an eyeshadow quad palette or 2 eyeshadows & a blush palette.  They also have one more where you can fit 6 eyeshadows or 4 eyeshadows & a blush, a powder & blush and a couple more combinations.   The case are black, chic and sleek.  The 6 eyeshadow palette one would great for travelling!



ADDICTION eyeshadow’s are so pigmented, rich, buttery, blend out beautifully and just amazing to wear.  They glide on so smoothly, without any blotchiness and I haven’t had any problems with eyeshadow fallout.  They are very rich for a powder eyeshadow and don’t feel too powdery.  I haven’t been wearing any eyeshadow primer with these eyeshadows but they are really long wearing and it’s still on at the end of the day, without any blotchiness or weird patches left.  I cannot say enough good things about these eyeshadows, if you’ve never tried them…what are you waiting for, you need to try ASAP!  Seriously, I am in love with these eyeshadows.


I got this travel size cleansing oil as gift with purchase over 7,000 yen and it’s amazing as well.  This cleansing oil has also received 1st place ranking in 2016 for best cleansing on VOCE and MAQUIA both popular beauty magazines in Japan.  It is a velvety, rich oil that gently removes all your makeup, with one wash.  There is no need to double cleanse with this makeup remover.  It contains 7 different plant oils, including, organic jojoba seed extract oil, rose hip oil, camellia oil, olive squalane, argan oil, meadowfoam oil and sage oil.  It will leave your face feeling hydrated and cleansed without your face feeling like it’s been stripped off.  Even though it’s an oil cleanser, it won’t leave your face feeling sticky, leave any residue or oil film.   I wear waterproof mascara daily and this removes everything, without having to rub vigorously.  Another amazing product from ADDICTION.  You can find their products in Japanese Department stores across Japan, certain beauty stores or on their website.

Also in English.

The Eyeshadow’s are 2,160 yen each for 1g

ADDICTION Compact Case | is 1,080 yen

ADDICTION Compact Case || is 1,620

Thank you so much for reading.


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