Review: CANMAKE TOKYO Transparent Finish Powder in PL

Wow, can you believe it’s already the end of January!  Weren’t we just celebrating the New Year, oh how time flies.  I hope you’re all having an amazing week so far.  This week has been the coldest, we’ve the this year.  It’s been snowing on and off, it doesn’t snow heavily enough to pile up though.



As you know, I’ve really been loving the purple makeup base from innisfree, review here, if you haven’t read it already and when I saw this CANMAKE Transparent Finish Powder in Pearl Lavender, I knew I had to try it.  Talk about cute packaging!


CANMAKE TOKYO, for those of you who don’t know, is a super popular Japanese Cosmetics Brand.  This brand is loved among young girls, as their pricing is very affordable and packaging is so girly & cute!


Now, let’s get into the powder.  The Translucent Finish Powder has ranked 1st place on @cosme before, the #1 cosmetics ranking site in Japan.  This powder came out in June 2016.  It comes in three shades.  (PN) Pearl Natural, (PL) Pearl Lavender and the new shade (PP) Pearl Pink, which just came out in December 2016.  Pearl Natural contains fine pearl particles to create softly lustrous skin, the purple pearl particles enhance translucency.  Pearl Lavender banishes dullness with lavender infused gold pearls, that boosts the translucence of your skin.  Pearl Pink has golden pink pearl particles to warm the skin and brighten up the complexion.  I have it in (PL) Pearl Lavender.


The packaging, as I mentioned above, is adorable.  It comes in a gunmetal pink, plastic round slim case.  From a far, it looks really lovely but up close, unfortunately it’s not as elegant and could possibly look a little cheap, even.  I like the slimness of the packaging though.


This is what CANAMAKE advertises for this powder.

“For translucent skin with a soft luster like an exquisite pearl,

giving it the appearance of being swathed in light☆

A face powder ideal for finishing your foundation or touching up your make-up.

Pressed format makes it handy to carry in your purse♥”

Lustrous pearl-like skin ♥For an abundantly translucent pure look★  

The Translucent Finish Powder is made with natural mineral ingredients and contains 11 types of beauty ingredients to prevent dryness and keep the skin moisturized & fresh looking.  It has the extracts of aloe vera leaf, rosemary leaf, lemon, chamomile flower, hydrolyzed conchiolin (pearl protein), horse chestnut, perilla leaf and contains the oils of olive, jojoba, grape seed and my favourite squalane.  It’s also free of additives, surfactant, tar based pigments, alcohol and fragrance.  This powder is formulated to prevent dullness and shine.  It contains shine inhibiting powder, which absorb sebum to prevent shine & stickiness.  (PN) Pearl Natural and (PP) Pink Pearl have SPF 30 PA++.  (PL) Pearl Lavender has SPF 41PA++.


I noticed a difference in brightness, when I put this on!  Purple bases, instantly brightens up yellow skin tones.  The powder is finely milled, and it did not look cakey or too powdery.  It went on translucent and was very comfortable to wear, with all the moisturizing agents and all, but I will not be wearing this powder again.  The reason for that is, I look like a disco ball wearing this (Yikes)!  Not kidding!  Ok, maybe a little but you get the point!  When I swatch this on my hand, you can hardly see the finely milled pearl particles but on my face, it’s just way too glittery, especially under light and my t-zone looks horrible too.  So oily looking, when I’m not even sweating.  It’s such a shame, because other than the fact that it’s too shiny, the powder itself is pretty good.  I can’t use it as a highlighter either, because it’s not that illuminating.

Overall, unless you’re super young and can get away with a glittery face, I wouldn’t recommend this for an everyday powder.  You can find CANMAKE TOKYO in drugstores and beauty stores around Japan.

It’s around 940 Yen for 10g

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